Here are some notes I offer students of meditation with a reading list:

Guidelines for Meditation

  • Don’t try!  (don’t try to meditate, to breathe, to have enlightenment…)
  • There is no correct experience
  •  Have a beginner’s mind
  • Let your thoughts be a passing parade: don’t jump into the parade, but turn your attention back to the practice.

 Suggested Reading:

 Eckhart Tolle:

The Power of Now                          ISBN 0-7336-1912-6

A New Earth                                   ISBN 0-718-14857-6

Practicing the Power of Now         ISBN 0-7336-1454-X

Byron Katie

Loving What Is                               ISBN 0-7126-2930-0

I Need Your Love                           ISBN 184413026-6

Pema Chodron

Learning to Stay, –  and anything else by her – in print or on audio book

Anthony De Milo

Awareness                                       ISBN 0-00-627519-2

Thich Nat Hanh

The Miracle of Mindfulness           ISBN 0-8070-1239-4


Here is a link to the short, simple instructions for Jin Shin Jyitsu meditation – which is all you really need. The instructions are to effortlessly count 9 exhalations while holding each of the finger positions on each hand. That’s it! You can repeat it twice or more times.

Here is a full explanation of Jin Shin Jyitsu, a meditation practice that I have taught to over 12,000 students. It is wonderfully simple. Everyone ‘gets’ it; it is easy and enjoyable.

I teach the very ancient breathing lesson from Yoga’s Pranayama, which reminds us to breathe well and amplify our vitality while relaxing. This is invaluable for everyone.

The Heartmath Institute offers great insights into the connection between the heart and the brain – see there YouTube channel here and try this simple and helpful short meditation to improve your heart’s coherence.

Here is a beautiful Tibetan Buddhist mantra chant which I love, Simhamukha.

I use this practice often – it makes life better quickly – and seems to launch a cascade of grateful happy hormones into my blood when I embark on it: Fritz Smith teaching Today is Today

Alexander Technique teaches this simple breathing practice to relax the vocal cords and quieten the mind and body, called “the Whispered Ah