Naming Ceremonies

It is with pleasure that I help at Naming Ceremonies. It is rare in our traditions nowadays to acknowledge children, or give them rites of passage, so I really appreciate when parents choose to do so.

Some couples who have children when they marry include this in their wedding ceremony.

Others have special events for a child, often at a birthday, to welcome them into the family in front of friends and relatives. It gives the child recognition, and strengthens the family’s bond of commitment towards the child – for example grandparents and aunties may declare their lifelong support.

Here is one testimonial from a mother:   Dear Andy,   Thanks so much for the wonderful day! Your ideas, your words and your presence brought so much joy to Henri’s naming ceremony.   What a perfect day!  Lots of love!   The Kennedy’s

josh nicole kissing 4

josh nicole kissing 4

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Please ask here me for more about this if you are considering it.