What kind of wedding do you want?

There is very little a celebrant has to say in a ceremony for it to be legal, so you have a lot of freedom to celebrate your wedding however you truly wish. I want it to be as special and meaningful for you as possible.
Part of the significance of any ceremony is that we incorporate traditional rites, or create new ones, which give the moment symbolic potency. A wedding is both a personal declaration of commitment, and a public announcement before witnesses, and often before the extended family and community. It creates a lifelong memory.

Making it work on symbolic as well as practical levels is essential: this is part of my role to help you in planning your ceremony.
Most couples look at samples of ceremonies that I can send you, along with my own suggestions, for you to consider basing your own wedding on.

Please browse through the sub-menu on the weddings tab above, under “what kind of wedding do you want?” – to see the variety of possible approaches to your wedding that we can take to create the one that suits your style.