Here I collect mine and others’ favourite sayings and thoughts to contemplate.         Scroll down to see those already published.

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The greatest perk, among countless others, that comes from loving someone right now, just exactly as they are, instead of waiting for them to change, is that you get to love someone right now. 

You are loved. You cannot make a mistake. Everything will be alright.”    (These are the words given to Eben Alexander in his afterlife experience in Proof of Heaven.)

My current motto: (taken from the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying)  ….   A  monk retreated as he prepared to die, but his family came to see if he was alright. His reply was: “Don’t worry about me as I now realise that everything is an illusion, and am confident that all is well.”

Since everything is an apparition, perfect in being what it is, having nothing to do with right or wrong, acceptance or rejection, one may as well burst out in laughter!  (Long Chen Pa, Tibetan Meditation Master)

Your beliefs become your thoughts; your thoughts become your words; your words become your actions; your actions become your habits; your habits become your values; your values become your destiny.  (Mahatma Gandhi)


How unlikely it is that we even exist! Consider the uniqueness of your father’s sperm (one of thousands)  and mother’s egg (one of dozens) meeting just that once, producing YOU…. out of all the possible embryos this one was you.   The same goes for each of your parents, and theirs, and theirs, etc., etc., forever. You are the outcome of one of millions of possible offspring. We are told that our cells and DNA could be traced back 4 billion years to the ancestral early life forms. So be proud and glad and relish your individuality.   Then consider how unique is this moment, never to repeat itself. So you are precious, and this instant is priceless. Perhaps the only logical response is GRATITUDE.

(May 2013, Australia)