Welcome to the world of Contact Yoga

Contact yoga close upI have been a student of Yoga for 27 years, and have enjoyed various styles including Astanga Vinyasa, Sivananda and Vinny Yoga. I am grateful to several gifted teachers.Through my own practice, I have developed a practice I call Contact Yoga which relies on partner work.

I have taught Contact Yoga for over 10 years now and continue to enjoy the positive experiences students have learning this. It appeals to me because I love skillful adjustments from an instructor in yoga classes; I am a bodyworker (see Zero Balancing); and I find that this contact deepens our stretching safely. In partnership, a yoga practice can be truly satisfying as it provides a fun practice of postures with the added benefit of human interaction in a reciprocal and balancing way. Our energies as much as our bodies benefit from this.

All this is fully taught and demonstrated on the DVD which I have produced and sell here.

You can also contact me to book a lesson or workshop.

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